Bat Guide

Need help deciding which turn model is right for you? Don’t worry, we make it simple!

When it comes to wooden bats, choosing the correct turn model can be a bit overwhelming. We decided to make the process as easy as possible and allow you to design the perfect bat for YOU! Although there are thousands of models on the market today, almost all are variations of six standard models. Those models are 110, 141, 243, 271, 318 and I-13. We offer those six models which determines the barrel size, handle size and the barrel to handle transition of your bat. We then take it a step further and let you pick what type of knob taper you like. This allows you to choose a fully custom bat that fits your swing! Below you will find more information on each model and the type of knob tapers we have to offer! If you have any questions, please reach out to us on social media or send us an email!

Knob Tapers:

Turn Models:

TA 110:

The 110 is the most balanced bat of all our turn models. This bat is great for players who are new to wooden bats and are making the transition from aluminum. It has a thick handle that gradually transitions to a medium barrel. This makes the bat durable and very popular among contact hitters.

TA 141:

The 141 is like the 110 but comes with a thinner handle. This bat has a slow transition into a medium size barrel and offers a long sweet spot. This model is also a great choice for players new to wooden bats or contact hitters looking for a very balanced feel.

TA 243:

The 243 features a large barrel and thin handle. This bat is a great choice for power hitters who are looking for an end loaded feel. This bat is recommended for more experienced players and may be harder to swing for someone new to wooden bats.

TA 271:

The 271 is by far the most popular model used in baseball. The 271 is similar to the 110 but offers a quicker transition between the barrel and handle. This bat can be used by any hitter and will have a slightly end loaded feel.

TA 318:

The 318 offers a medium barrel, thick handle, and a quick transition between the two. It offers a slightly end loaded feel and is used by both contact hitters and power hitters.

TA I-13:

The I-13 is made with similar dimensions to the 271. However, the I-13 has more of an extreme transition from the barrel to handle. This gives the bat more of an end loaded feel when compared to the 271. This bat is great for power hitters.

Wood Type:


Maple is a durable, hard, and dense wood that has become the most popular choice of players throughout baseball. Maple offers lots of pop and a solid feel off the bat. Maple is great for experienced players and is the top choice of professional players.


Birch has quickly become the second most popular wood used to make bats in recent years. It offers similar hardness and density as maple but is not near as rigid. Birch has more flex and is great for players making the transition to wood bats.

Ink Dot:

The “Ink Dot” test was incorporated by the MLB to assure only the highest quality of wood was being used to produce bats for major leaguers. The ink dot which is located on the handle of the bat highlights the straightness of grain within the wood. The straighter the grain, the higher the quality the wood is. Whether you are a professional player or purchasing a wooden bat for the first time, all our bats are ink dot tested and made to the same standards.